Throat ulcer

Throat ulcer is very painful. Having of the ulcer makes swallowing of food or any other drink impossible as the experience ids much painful due to the sores along the throat. Anybody can be infected by the ulcers irrespective of the age or gender.

The throat ulcer is contagious through sharing of some utensils or through kissing. For those who are infected, it is advised for them to avoid these behaviors’ to avoid the spread to others.

How to treat throat ulcer

There are several methods administered as to throat ulcer treatment. By following these methods, there is a probability of being ulcers free for those with the infection. Some of these prescribed methods include:

  1. Avoidance of oily and spicy food

Throat ulcerFor those infected with throat ulcers, it is advised to them to avoid taking food which is rich in species, oily and junk foods. Also avoiding alcohol drinking and citrus juices is a measure that is recommended for the infected. These foods have high acid content which increases the pain, discomfort and heightens the symptoms. Eating food rich in vitamin B12 and iron helps in improving the immunity of the body and reducing the chances of the disease.

  1. Usage of mouth wash

Reaching of the sore throats is challenging physically. Thus, to reduce the pain and help them heal faster, one should rinse the mouth using the mouth wash as it is a throat ulcer remedy.  The mouth wash is medicated thus assisting in killing of the bacteria’s that are present on the mouth and throat. It contains sage and chamomile which has healing properties and relaxing effect thus relieving the pain. It should be done four times in a day to heal the ulcers.

  1. Medication

There are several drugs that one can use so has to kill bacteria’s that are present in the mouth and enhance healing of the throat ulcers. One should visit a doctor to get the best prescription of the drugs that can numb the throat to enable the patient to eat his or her food with no discomforts.

  1. Using of onion juice

This is a home remedy where one mixes onion juice and honey and uses it to rinse the mouth. It has an antibacterial property that helps in healing the ulcers faster.

  1. Applying tea tree oil

The patient needs to apply two drops of this oil on the throat sores. It has antiseptic qualities that promotes healing

  1. Taking of vitamin C- This involves intake vitamin C in it natural form so as to reduce the ulcer occurrence.
  2. Palm oil- This is rich in vitamin E which has great curing effect.
  3. Gargle regularly- It usage helps in soothing of the pain. It should be used four times daily.
  4. Applying mulberry paste – This is prepared by adding paste to the honey that has mulberry juice and applying it on the ulcers.

 Symptoms of throat ulcer

Throat ulcer is associated with several signs. These signs may show themselves at early stages or when the situation worsens. One is advised to always seek the medical attention in case of occurrence of any of the following signs so as to avoid worsening of the situation.

  1. Difficulties in swallowing- Due to the sores in the throat, the patient encounters problems in swallowing of food. The process is painful thus causing discomfort to the patient.
  2. Bad breath – The patient has bad breath that emanates from the sores due to their wetness.
  3. Presence of white spots at the back of the throat- This occurs due to formation of a layer of fibrin which is a protein which is involved in clotting of the blood.
  4. Fever – The patient develops fever due to the pain that arises from the sore on the gums of the teeth
  5. Change in voice – Presence of tumors on the vocal cord has the effect of altering the voice. Any continuing change on the voice for duration of more than three weeks should be examined.
  6. Swallowing difficulties – Swallowing of solid food becomes a problem to patients due to the sores that are present on the throat.
  7. Weight loss – The patient is likely to lose weight as a result of reduced eating that is associated with swallowing difficulties.
  8. Digestive problems-The throat is part of the digestive system. In case of any problems with it, passage of food will be a problem resulting to digestive problems.

There are several factors that have been known to cause throat ulcers. Some of these medical conditions need to be investigated so that throat ulcers can be prevented at early stages. Some of these factors causing the disease include infections with fungal, eating disorders, smoking and traumas of the throat. In few cases, attack of the throat by chicken pox virus together with other viruses can lead to the ulcers. Also, if tonsillitis goes untreated, there may be breakage of the tonsil tissue leading to the disease as a result of inflammation attacks.

Presence of throat ulcer in a patient must be accompanied by esophagus ulcer. The ulcer is a hole in the esophagus lining that is corroded by digestive juices which are acidic and secreted by the cells of the stomach. The cause of these are ulcers are the same and same method of treatment can be used to treat them. The throat ulcer pictures taken from patients show changes of the tongue color. It has red spots on it.

In conclusion, in case one has any signs of the disease, he or she should see a doctor for the throat ulcer treatment comprehensive view of the condition. The doctor will be able to diagnose the degree of infection thus advising on the best method to use to cure the disease. Also, preventing the disease from infecting one is difficult unless one is able to avoid the exposure to the factors that cause it.

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