Throat tightness

The feeling of throat tightness is the situation when you feel that you can’t or barely can breathe, you feel your throat is swelling and it sores up. This can be felt or happened for many reasons.

Can feeling tightness of throat is only psychological?

But, one of the common reasons is the throat tightness anxiety, if fact this feeling is the result of anxiety disorder. If this is the reason, then there isn’t actually anything to do with physical treatment, rather have to do psychologically. As, this is a psychological disorder, it requires psychological exercise and treatment. The solution is easy, but hard to apply. To solve this trouble, you have to distract your mind from thinking this disorder. Try to play game, or go outside of the home. May go on-line and chat with your friends, may sleep. But, praying is also a proven solution to this. This is no miracle, rather medicine of faith that almighty would help you.

Throat tightnessOther reasons include viral attack, bacterial attack etc. But, while taking medicine for such reasons, make sure that you are taking the right drug. For viral infection, the feeling of tight throat gets cured without medicine after some days. You may follow some home remedy for relief of your feelings. But, in case of viral infection, don’t take antibiotic. Antibiotic is an agent works against bacterial attack. So, it can’t work against virus.

Can this feeling of tight throat be severe?

But, what is serious and fatal? Is it the allergy infection? The throat tightness allergies may makes you feel tight throat. This usually causes throat tightness following eating. If this is the situation, immediately ask for medical assistance. But, before taking medical treatment, stop taking those foods which are allergenic to you. Keep an EpiPen always with you for instance handling and call quickly medical support center. The throat tightness thyroid is another serious throat disorder. It makes you feel that you got a lump there. The thyroids are small and butterfly shaped gland near to your neck. If your thyroid have nodules, it makes breathing and eating, drinking etc. tough. For such reasons, you may have to go under surgical treatment.

The esophagus stiffness is felt because of acid reflux which is also known as gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD). It can be treated with over the counter medication, avoiding heavy foods, taking lighter meal and keeping your head over mattress by 6-8 inches. Sometimes, this tightness may be the symptoms of throat cancer, where it feels like there is a lump and it really exists or there may be a tumor. This is a deadly disease and you must meet a doctor. Another problem is cricopharyngeal spasm, which is often misunderstood as cancer is also feeling like lump. It makes you feel discomfort. The stress aggravates this symptom.

Use your common sense to determine the reason that why are you suffering from tight throat. Is it because of allergy, or anxiety or a serious throat cancer! If something serious, immediately meet a doctor. Otherwise, for a mild trouble, you may try home remedies which are proven as effective. You may take hot tea, gargle with water mixed with salt. You also can take lemon juice and honey mixed with tea for rapid recovery from throat tightness.

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