Throat swelling

Throat swelling is commonly experienced by people in their day to day lives. It is mainly caused by sore throat, which consists of the pharynx and larynx plus other small parts. The sore throat causes swelling that can be felt outside and can even be visible at times. It will be causing difficulty for the sufferer when swallowing food or any liquid, and when talking; it may be painful and uncomfortable doing these things. One other symptoms of throat swelling is the tendency to clear the throat at frequent times. The swelling in the throat can also be caused by cancer; if it is cancer then it requires a different more serious line of treatment.

While it is difficult to cure swelling caused by cancer, you can cure the swelling caused by other less worrying causes. The main way is by targeting the sore throat which is the root thing that can cause the swelling. This article looks at the different causes of swelling, from infection in the throat or any nearby area, to allergic reaction those results from an invasion of a foreign matter. This article provides plenty of information on how you can cure the swelling in throat, and what to do when you are suffering from it. There is also some advice on how to prevent it in the future.

 Causes of Throat Swelling

Infection is a main cause of the swelling that can lead to the swelling in the throat in two ways. First infection can primarily target the throat area itself, causing inflammation there. The infection also triggers the production of excess mucus that irritates the lining of the throat. Strep throat swelling is a case of infection in the throat because of a certain bacterium.  The other way the infection can bring about the swelling is where the infection is somewhere above the throat; examples include post nasal drainage and infection in the sinuses. This leads to excessive production of mucus that drains to the throat and causes irritation.

Throat swellingThroat swelling and tightness in the windpipe can be symptoms of an allergic reaction; it is different from infection in that the immune system is reacting unnecessarily against certain substances. The allergic reaction can be triggered by consuming a certain allergic food or inhaling an allergen.  The allergic reaction of throat swelling may involve constriction of the wind pipe that can cause breathing difficulties; it can even become an emergency causing severe problems with breathing. The allergic reaction involving the swelling of throat can be a part of an allergic reaction called anaphylaxis that can affect the entire body of the person. It can happen soon after the allergen enters the body and starts interacting with the immune system.

The throat also has chances to swell due to an occurrence called acid reflux. It is where gastric juices in the stomach are forced up to reach the throat area. The stomach and the esophagus have protective linings against the acid and therefore avoid damage; however there is no such lining in the throat. This will leave the acid irritating the throat lining causing gullet swelling in the throat area. This acid reflux is more likely to happen when the person is on an empty stomach, when the stomach will be filled with gastric juices.

Ways to Cure Throat Swelling

If the swelling is found to be caused by acid reflux then the best thing to counter the effects is the use of antacid tablets. This works on the gastric acids by neutralizing them. This may be taken when on an empty stomach in the future, to prevent any further acid refluxes from worsening the condition. Avoiding spicy foods is also good to avoid the irritation in the throat, from the spicy food themselves or from the gastric juices which the spices makes the stomach secrete in great quantities. Alcohol is also another thing that can cause irritation that you can avoid at these times. The same goes to any strongly acidic drinks that can do the same thing to the throat lining.

If the swelling is so much that it can be felt outside by touch and visible when someone looks at it, you can look to control the inflammation by use of ice. Ice is a good way to reduce swelling and inflammation in any part of the body. You can apply the ice cubes in a polyethene bag to the affected area.  It will also be a good thing to provide relief from the pain it causes. Alternatively, you can apply any ointment you can find in your household that can work against the inflammation.

The general advice for someone suffering from sore throat is to drink plenty of water to constantly to moisturize the surface of the throat; any other drinks should be strictly caffeine free and preferably hot. It is also a good idea to take lozenge to moisten the throat and ease it of irritation. With that, if the sore throat is accompanied with frequent coughing that becomes unbearable, you can take any cough syrup to get relief. You can try any of the anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin that can work against the swelling; it also works to relieve the sufferer of pain. One time tested throat swelling remedy is to drink honey plus lemon juice mixed with water.

Best way to deal with throat swelling allergy is to avoid eating the allergic food and to stay away from inhaling any possible allergens. You may find that prevention is easier as it will be quite difficult to stop the allergic reaction once it starts; after that the person may need medical attention. The advice is to be careful when going out to eat, whether it is to the restaurant or to someone’s house for a meal; you may consume the allergic food without knowing. If the allergic reaction consists of just the throat swelling you can tend to it by trying any of the methods described above; other symptoms of the allergic reaction may need separate attention.

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