Something stuck in throat

This condition is also called Globus pharyngeus. A sensation is created wherein a lump inside the throat is somewhat stuck inside. This sensation produces a feeling of discomfort and will only worsen when there are attempts to clear the throat through drinking fluids or continuous swallowing in the hope of getting the rid of the uncomfortable sensation.

What are the signs, symptoms, and causes of a sensation that something stuck in the throat?

It usually happens while eating and suddenly it feels like something stuck in throat when swallowing the food. The food did not go directly down the stomach. A very similar sensation is like a tablet or a small capsule trapped in the throat. A food stuck in throat is very common during meals when more solid foods are taken and no fluids. This type of discomfort that occurs during mealtime is not related to gastro oesophageal reflux. But that condition can be a factor that aggravates the problem.

Something stuck in throatCricopharyngeal Spasm happens when the throat becomes narrow due to spasm creating a sensation that a lump is inside the throat. This however is temporary. It may due to stress and anxiety.

When it feels like something stuck in throat all the time, only means some pathological reasons. It could be due to thyroid swelling and enlargement of lingual tonsils. Chronic granular pharyngitis, an allergic reaction may create a temporary lump sensation in the throat. Mucosal lesions are caused by some form of injury like being able o swallow a small bone which injures the mucosal lining.

Another reason for lump sensation is the presence of mass. This is associated with the symptoms of throat cancer.

How to manage the sensation of something stuck in the throat?

There are many ways to get rid of such uncomfortable sensation that makes many people feel terrible when something stuck in throat after eating. The best way is to take in more fluids until all food particle goes down the stomach. In case of food blockage or another foreign object in the throat, some measures must be done. To remove something stuck in throat, we make use of our index finger and our middle finger. Place the victim in a flat position then open the mouth and slowly tilt the head and open them. When the object is visible, using the two fingers, gently scoop out the object.

Surgical treatments like the esophageal dilatation and the Cricopharyngeal myotomy in case of repeated throat spasms and hypertrophy of pharyngeal muscle.

Some treatment only needs relaxation and rest, since it can be caused by stress and anxiety. Proton pump inhibitor drugs are used to treat gastro oesophageal reflux to prevent the acid from coming up to the throat. In case of throat cancer, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy are the common treatments. Excision biopsy is the diagnostic test used to confirm the malignancy of the suspected mass.

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