Red throat

This condition that affects the throat is similar to strep throat or tonsillitis or red sore throat. The white spots present on the throat are mucus and pus that build up on the tonsil crypts.

What are the signs, symptoms, and causes of red throat?

This condition describes the throat as red and swollen. It also affects the tonsils. The tonsils are cherry red in color. Physical assessment of the oral cavity using a penlight reveals white spots and red tonsils. The tonsils are inflamed and swollen. The very most common cause of this problem is infection. There are many pathogens that cause sore throat. Most cases are the result of upper respiratory infections such as common cold, cough, allergic rhinitis, and laryngitis.

Red throatThe inflamed and swollen throat resulted from the increase production of chemo receptor releasing substances. Histamines like bradykinins are produced. As part of the inflammation process caused by the foreign pathogens that enter the throat, swelling of the throat is the result. Mucus is sometimes produced. The throat is sore and pain is experienced when swallowing or attempting to talk.

In case of tonsillitis, the tonsils are swollen and inflamed. Streptococci are the main causative agent. This condition is not simple and not minor. Fever may be present, because of the presence of infection. If left untreated, the pathogen may pass through the airway down to the lungs or might pass down the heart causing infective endocarditis. Red throat without the pain or red throat without any soar present may be due to the warm weather or maybe the presence of dehydration.

How to treat red throat?

The treatment of red throat is medications. Antibacterial medications are taken to treat bacterial caused infected throat. Antifungal medications are taken for the treatment of candiasis related inflamed throat. Antiviral medications are taken for treating for viral infected throat.

Antihistamines are readily available from drugstores to prevent allergy causing infections from progressing. Allergy caused by infection can bring discomfort to the sick person. Cough and runny nose is quite a stressor and disrupt sleep and rest.

Herbs are available from the market and the backyard. Commercially prepared herbal medicines are sold in the drugstore for convenience. Some are prepared in tea bags and are ready to drink.

In the case of tonsillitis, the tonsils must be removed once the certain infection occurred three times in a year. It only indicates that the infection could spread down to the lungs or to the heart. Tonsillectomy is the surgical removal of the inflamed tonsils. This surgical procedure has an effect on the immune system of the patient. The immune system is diminished because the tonsils are removed.  Food supplements containing vitamins and minerals provide the necessary boost of the immune system.

Warm water gargle with salt can temporarily relieve pain and swelling. Commercially prepared oral solutions used as gargle solution can also ease the pain from sore throat.

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