Post nasal drip sore throat

Post nasal drip sore throat is a common case of sore throat; sore throat is a commonly experienced ailment where the throat is felt dry and sore. It is called post nasal drip because the secretions from the nasal area passes it to parts below that; the throat is the first region that the secretions will run into and start causing problems.  Normally, mucus is secreted in nasal cavity and throat for different purposes. It is secreted to moisturize the inner lining of the throat and nasal cavities, also to humidify the air that is breathed in and also to clean it of dust that gets with it. The mucus also acts against invading pathogens, preventing the formation of infection. The problem begins with the over production of the mucus secretion.

Post nasal drip can have different types of causes, as sore throat has a lot of causes. In this article we will be looking at the signs of post nasal leak. What causes the overproduction of mucus & how it leads to the sore throat? We will also be looking at the methods of treatment for different causes of post nasal trip and ways of controlling the mucus secretion. The treatments covered in this article ranges from using over the counter products to provide relief from symptoms or just using household products for some quick remedies.

How come post nasal drip painful throat

The main symptom of this condition is sore throat and a runny nose, with frequent sneezing of excess mucus in the nasal cavity. Other post nasal drip sore throat symptoms include throat clearing which makes the ‘ahem’ sound which is sometimes used consciously to draw attention. Post nasal drip sore throat cough is a common symptom, along with difficulty swallowing, difficulty talking and a feeling of lump in the throat. It may also be a case of post nasal drip sore throat and sickness; the excess mucus may get into the stomach causing nausea. Sometimes the symptoms of sore throat will be accompanied by fever and headache.

Post nasal drip sore throatNow let’s see how the sore throat was brought on by the mucus secretions in the nasal area. Here is how it happens; the nasal drip will be draining excess mucus to the throat which will accumulate there. While the throat is normally moist all the time, excess mucus is not at all liked by the inner surface of the throat; it will lead to irritation. It can also create the sensation of something being struck in the throat. This dripping is apparent if you look at the open mouth and look at the back wall of the mouth. Moreover, infection from any of the parts above can also drip into the throat.

Sometimes the problem may have a different cause; it may be because of problems with swallowing. It may lead to sore throat with or without the help of post nasal drip. Swallowing is a part – conscious part unconscious reflex of the body that is carried out by some number of muscles and triggered by the nerves that control them. Anything wrong with any of these parts will be affecting the swallowing process. This inability to swallow well may lead to mucus, food particles or any liquid consumed to not to pass completely through the throat to the digestive system, leading to a sensation in the throat together with irritation.

Infection is the most common cause of sore throat and post nasal drip. As something exposed to the outside environment all the time, both these parts are at a constant risk of invasion from pathogens. Infection can start in the nasal area, or in the sinuses that is within the cheekbones, or at the throat itself. Sinus infection sore throat is caused by the sinus infection being spread to the throat through the nasal drip. The sad result is that any of infections in one of the areas above the throat can be easily spread to it. A bacterium named Streptococcus causes a particular infection that leads to post nasal drip strep throat.

Treatment of Post Nasal Drip Sore Throat

As infection is a common cause for the post nasal drip and also for sore throat, you need to find means of warding off the infection. The best way to look after it is by using antibiotic medication. This is suitable for any case of infection, be it in the nasal area, sinuses, or in the throat. Even infection in the inner ear can lead to throat infection. The use of antibiotic can said to be the most effective form of anti-infection as the pathogen killing substance gets to the affected area through the blood stream. Alternative treatments for infection and for the post nasal drip are listed below.

Nasal spray can be used to help control the secretion of mucus and fight off the infection. In contrary to antibiotic, this acts as an anti-septic that gets to the surface of the throat where the infection is thriving. Another kind of product that can be helpful is a decongestant, which is helpful in clearing the excess mucus in the nasal area and in the throat.  Products containing steroids can also be used to cease the irritation and provide relief. If the pain is too much to bear or if it causes too much of a discomfort, you can try pain medication such as ibuprofen and aspirin.

The general advice during sore throat is to drink plenty of water and other fluids to keep hydrated. At the same time you should be avoiding caffeine present in tea and coffee and diuretics that makes you lose fluids fast. Any hot drink other than tea or coffee is good to moisten the surface of the throat. Mucous thinning agents may also be used to reduce the amount of mucus that gets into the throat. Warm water mixed with baking powder is a quick remedy that could as well be the post nasal drip sore throat treatment. The use of cough drop may be needed if the post nasal drip sore throat is accompanied by constant coughing.

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