Mucus in throat


It is normal to find mucus in throat. It is present at all times in every part of the mouth, nasal cavity to the throat. In fact, it is present in any surface within the body that is practically in touch with the external environment.  The mucus helps keep the inner surfaces moist all the time. Mucus in the nasal cavity and throat area humidifies the air that gets to the lungs helping respiration; it also traps the dust and germs that comes with the inhaled air, being a natural disinfectant produced by the body. However, excess production of mucus can lead to a number of problems.

This article provides information on the various effects of an over production of mucus in the throat; most of them are negative effects for sure. Apart from affecting the throat causing numerous problems, the mucus can also get into the respiratory system and digestive system, and can cause different kinds of problem depending on where it gets. Because it can get to any of these regions in the body, it will be causing quite a long list of symptoms. This article provides help on removing excess mucus from the throat to eliminate all sources of trouble. It includes different methods of treatment you can try to ward off the extra mucus.

The Effects of Mucus in Throat

The main effect of excess mucus in throat continually is a sore throat. This is brought forward by mucus that irritates the lining. The mucus can come from a lot of sources from the nasal cavity, sinus to the inner ear where fluids drain off from the eardrums. The solid mucus in throat brings on the sensation of something caught in the throat, which often leads to coughing and throat clearing. Both these are natural mechanisms of the body that invariably interferes when talking. Moreover both of these reflexes make the person loud, which can be slightly disturbing to those around that person. The mucus that accumulates can also catch food particles that pass through.

Mucus in throatAfter passing the throat the mucus can go in two paths that are available. It can go through the wind pipe to the respiratory system, or it can go into the stomach and into the digestive system. The stomach is capable of destroying the pathogens in the mucus by the help of strong acids, and it can somehow take care of the mucus breaking it down. However, it does show some symptoms. It can bring about an upset stomach, possibly together with a feeling of nausea. Mucus in stool may be mistakenly thought as coming from the throat; however it is actually mucus from some other parts of the body.

The mucus is better off going to the stomach than to the other way. It will be causing more problems by getting into the respiratory system. The main problems caused by mucus in chest include breathing problems difficulty in breathing, which may lead to labored breathing and lack of oxygen in body. The mucus clogging the wind pipe can lead to wheezing and can become serious. Mucus in lungs can also lead to inefficiency of the lungs resulting in poor oxygenation of the blood. This may also result in heavy coughing; the spat out mucus color will be greenish to yellow.

How to throw out mucus in throat

The body has got its own natural mechanism to get rid of excess mucus that may be causing trouble. Coughing and throat clearing are two ways; they are both symptoms of excessive mucus and sore throat. Both of these body reflexes are disliked, both of them can be discomforting to the person and to those around. Swallowing is an alternative body response that you can try; it is a quieter and more comfortable way of removing the extra mucus from the throat. This takes away the phlegm in throat into the stomach. However, this method may not be practical for large amounts of mucus production; you may need to find other means.

A lot of substances taken into the body can help get rid of the mucus that lingers on the throat or the nasal passage; they will be having a more substantial effect than the body’s natural mechanisms to clear the mucus. One product that can provide relief is known as a decongestant; it helps clear the mucus that accumulates in the nasal cavity, throat and lungs, and can provide immense relief from the symptoms. Another product in the same line is mucus thinning agents that breaks down the mucus. Antacid tablets may be required if an upset stomach arises due to mucus drainage.

Instead of looking for ways to get rid of the overly amounts of mucus that gets to the throat, it is more sensible to reduce the dripping of mucus into the throat from sources above as much as possible. The mucus can be produced in nasal passage, leading to post nasal drainage where the mucus drains to the throat. Drainage can also occur from the sinus near the nose area; can bring mucus to the throat. Both post nasal drainage and sinus drainage can be caused by infection in that area, so use of antibiotic is recommended to ease the flow of mucus. Excess mucus production can be part of an allergic reaction; if it is the case it should be identified and should be prevented in the future.

Inhalation of steam is a good remedy to get rid of the mucus in throat or in any parts nearby. This remedy is usually done when someone is suffering from common cold. The steam liquefies the mucus and helps to get rid of it. Consuming spicy foods can also help in the removing of excess mucus; spicy food such as chili powder and ginger works to thin the mucus making it flow off easily. One other home remedy you can try is drinking onion juice plus honey; this helps to reduce the coughing too. There are lot of similar remedies you can try to eliminate the excess mucus in throat.


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