Military neck

This type of bone deformity is also known as cervical kyphosis. The normal neck curvature is forward bending. The head bends forward. But in this condition the neck is not curved forward. It could either be straight or bent backwards.

 What are the causes of military neck?

There are many factors that predispose the alteration of the neck’s normal curvature. Spinal injury is one cause. The whiplash injury of the neck is one injury that involves the hyperextension of the neck.

One common cause is the poor posture caused by position. Improper sitting position resulted from prolonged looking at the computer. However, it is also common to most people who spend so much time reading or writing in slouch sitting position for longer periods without even getting up with intervals. The use of more thick pillows during sleep can result to a change in the neck’s normal curvature. Neck pain is also associated with this condition. During X-ray, the test will reveal a straight neck.  If not straight, the neck is bent but not forward but backwards. This occurs in severe cases, wherein treatment was delayed.

This condition could be chronic and chronic pain will be experienced especially during a poor posture. The military neck symptoms includes: chronic back neck pain, stiffness, straight position or hyperextension of cervical neck as revealed in the X-ray test. Lordosis is a bone deformity wherein the spinal column is hyper extended. It is common in pregnant women. The spine is bent backwards in exaggeration. It is caused by poor posture, poor calcium intake during pregnancy which deformed the spine, and in some cases, spine injury.

 How to manage a military neck?

Number one management for this bone deformity is the use of traction for the cervical neck. This neck traction secures the neck in place according to its normal anatomical position. It must be worn at home and can only be removed if appropriate. The military necklace is a form of neck traction that can be worn at home and outside.

Military neckTo get further recovery from this spine disorder, necessary exercises must be done regularly. The military neck exercises can be done when the neck traction is temporarily taken off. It relieves the pain caused by the pressure of deformed neck. It is like stretching exercise that is ideal for all people even those who do not have a neck deformity. It is one way of preventing the occurrence of stiff neck. The military neck pillow is a specialized pillow used to secure the neck in place while undergoing a neck therapy. It is ideal to use especially when the person is wearing traction.

Therapy and massage are ways to relieve pain. It can also help in treating the military neck condition. However, proper posture must be observed to yield best results. It is more ideal that this therapy could be done alternately with neck exercises.

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