Hoarse throat

Hoarse voice is the main symptom of the condition. The throat is inflamed and swollen and affects the normal vibration of the vocal cords. It is also known as dysphonia, wherein there is a temporary loss or decrease of voice.

What are the signs, symptoms, and causes of hoarse throat?

The symptoms of a hoarse throat are pain while swallowing, pain when attempting to talk, raspy voice, cough (sometimes present), itchiness of the throat, and in some cases the presence of mucus production.

Hoarse throatThere are many factors that may cause this condition. Possible causes may refer to the effect of upper respiratory infections and other causes may be due to some external factors like sudden change of weather and extreme cold temperature. Excessive shouting and too much talking will surely affect the voice. Inappropriate use of singing voice can also cause this hoarseness. Poor oral fluid intake which would dry the oral mucosa can also cause hoarseness.

Hoarse throat is said to be related to hoarse throat cancer, specifically the laryngeal cancer. Due to the presence of abnormal growth of cells and tissues in the throat, chemo receptors are being released as a form of inflammatory response. The throat becomes swollen and blocks the vocal cords. Another cause hoarseness related to laryngeal cancer is the overgrowth of mass in the larynx that blocks the vocal cords thus the vibration of sound is diminished. The voice is then affected.

Hoarse throat allergy is a factor that is difficult to escape if the person has allergies. Some foods, medications, and some substances may cause severe allergies. Exposure to dust and pollens can trigger the production of histamine. In the upper respiratory tract, histamine causes the throat to inflame and swell.

Certain infections can cause the inflammation of the throat. Viral infections that cause the common cold and flu can spread through the larynx. It can also reach the lungs. Bacterial infections caused by staphylococci, streptococci, and pneumococci pathogens usually infect the throat. These are not uncommon since they are very communicable and can pass from one person to another.

What are the remedies for a hoarse throat?

The remedies for a hoarse throat are readily available in the drugstores, market, and backyard. The most common hoarse throat treatments are medications prescribed by the doctor. Getting rid of a hoarse throat is not that easy. In the presence of viral infection, it will surely take a few days before the medication takes it effect. Antihistamines prevent the production of histamine related substances that causes inflammation and swelling of the upper respiratory tract that blocks the airway.

For other people who have no budget for money or do not like the idea of taking up antibiotic medications. Some herbal plants are available in the garden. Some herbs are available in tea bag preparations for a more convenient consumption. Herbs have a soothing effect in the body.

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