Cough after eating

There are several reasons why a person starts coughing after they eat. One of the reasons of coughing is that an unexpected pain or irritation in the passage of airway or it could be that some unwanted or foreign substances enter into the mouth that caused you to cough. It is normal that people may experience small cough after eating different kinds of food and even drinking some liquids. But if it is a dried out cough after eating and is persistent, then you might as well seek medical attention.

What are some medical conditions if once a person eats they cough?

Chronic cough after eating food that occurs unexpectedly might be caused by numerous factors. Even though coughing appears to be normal or insignificant, some coughing that are continual and does not stop in a matter of time, then, it can be a serious case. Many people are suffering from productive coughing after eating. In several adults for example with coughing problems, they have too little stomach acids that causes the food to goes up again in the throat and trigger irritation. It may also be because of the acid reflux cough after eating in which the acid in our stomach goes up into the esophagus for the reason that the valve that separates the stomach substance from the esophagus is not working.  The remedy of this kind of condition can be just by drinking fluids, but still it is much better to diagnose it while it is not too late. In addition, a person that coughing mucus after eating can be a cause of heartburn and some allergies that a person possibly has.

Cough after eatingThe Gastro esophageal reflex disease or the Acid reflux disease is one of the health conditions that a person might experience; it has numerous factors that affect the proper operation and the system of the lower esophageal sphincter. As soon as a person ingests food, the sphincter will not be able to grasp down the food with the stomachs digestive juices and acids. By this kind of circumstances a person might start coughing continuously. Moreover, Zenker’s diverticulum is also an illness in which a small pocket appears in the throat that causes a person to cough. Lastly, is the Dysphagia, a person will be having a hard time swallowing the food properly. The medical conditions mentioned above can cause a chronic coughing every time a person ingests food.

What is the treatment of a person who coughs after ingestion of food?

The treatment of coughing after eating is depending upon the factor that makes a person cough. There are common situations that person coughed after eating, like choking, this can be treated just by chewing and swallowing the food properly. Also, it can be solve just by drinking enough fluid to push the food down the stomach.

People must also be aware of what kind of food they are eating. Some foods can also be a factor of coughing; like a person cough after eating dairy products or they cough after eating ice cream.  This kind of food or products can contribute to allergies or it can worsen the condition that you are experiencing. However, if the dilemma of coughing is productive and persistent, it is much better to seek medical attention to have proper diagnosis of the illness that you have.

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